Are you interested in trying a class or new discipline but the thought of coming into the studio for the first time or entering the class freaks you out just a little? Maybe you’ve always wanted to take a chair dancing class but feel a little bit out of your element? Or maybe you want to try a Barre class but are worried you won’t make it through without needing a rest? Here are a few tips that may help give you the push to go for it:

Just Do It.
Ah yes, the good old Nike motto. But seriously, just sign up and take the class you have always wanted. I know that is far easier said than done but sometimes the best thing to do is have a little tough love for yourself, stop overthinking, put on your big girl panties (or big boy briefs), bite the bullet, and go for it.

Maybe You Like It, Maybe You Don’t
I think we hold ourselves back sometimes because we put really high expectations on the outcome. If you want to try a contemporary class, the win for you should just be showing up for the class. Maybe you absolutely love it or maybe you try it and feel like it’s not the style for you. Either is ok! Don’t confuse the goal of getting there with the result. You will have no idea how you feel until you try. If you put massive expectations on it, no wonder it’s so hard to go. Remember the win is attending the class and then see what happens from there.

But I’m not… (fill in the blank here)
But I’m not sexy enough, strong enough, experienced enough, a dancer, etc., etc., etc. That’s nice. You don’t have to be. Just because you’re entering a sensual movement class does not mean that you have to feel like a porn star. Just because you’re attending a lyrical dance class does not mean you have to be a classically trained dancer. You can be all or none of those. It truly doesn’t matter. You just need to come willing to learn. That’s it. We’ll teach you how to do it and you can feel how you feel from there.

Another reason not to sign up may be if you’re worried you won’t be able to do all the movements in class. Whatever class you’re in, there will always be options. If you take a Barre class, it’s ok to stop in-between and shake out your legs, or if you can’t do a particular pole or hoop move, there will be options to build up to that point. It’s totally fine if you can’t or don’t want to do something. Just communicate with your instructor!

Regular People Teaching Regular People
Social media can have a way of making people appear intimidating. A fancy pole pose with extra filters can make a person seem like they could never do that. Let me reassure you that we are all just regular people teaching regular people. All of our instructors truly love sharing what they love and want others to feel just as amazing. That goes the same for the people attending class. Everyone is there to enjoy their time, have fun and learn something new. You can be a part of that too!

Maybe You’ll Love It!
I know this is the good old happy ending at the end of a romance movie but truly, what if the thing you are scared to try is what you really deeply love to do? I have been trying to drag one of my girlfriends to a class here since before we opened. I finally convinced her to come to a Barre class last Friday. Despite being nervous she ended up loving the class and is now going to attend regularly! (I’m also extra excited because it’s more time we can see each other!). What if you learn to love your sensuality? What if you love how strong and beautiful you feel in hoop? And if you try it and you don’t feel that way, that’s ok! Trying the next new class you want to try will feel less scary and more exciting to dive in again into the unknown.


Make this month the month where you go for it and let us know how it goes! Regardless of how the class goes, you’ll meet some amazing people and will be proud that you did it. Good luck!


Sarah Longpre