To Sign Up Or Not To Sign Up.... That Is The Question...

Our November/December session is starting and we have a record 20 drop in classes! This is on top of all of our fundamental classes. Did you know that you can sign up for an entire session of a drop in class? Here are a few reasons why you may consider that:


Financial Benefit
Signing up for a 6 week session as opposed to individual classes is actually cheaper. Our drop in dance and fitness classes are $84 when you sign up for the whole 6 week session and cost $15.75 if you pay per class. That’s a savings of $10.50! Our drop in pole or hoop classes are $21 per class or $115.50 per session - again a $10.50 savings.

What if I can’t make all 6 weeks?
If you purchase a 6 week session but know you can’t attend all classes, no problem! Simply let us know ahead of time and you can attend another drop-in class in its place. This again saves you cash!

Build Strength and Flexibility
We have several conditioning and flexibility classes offered this session. Unfortunately, we won’t make big changes with one good workout or one good stretch. These things take weeks, months and years to improve and are something we can continually work at. If you sign up for the whole 6 weeks, it will keep you accountable, especially on the days when you may feel less than motivated.

Explore A Style Or Movement
When you sign up for the whole session, you get to take the time to explore all that the particular style has to offer. For example, an exotic dance class could explore anywhere from the soft, slow, sultry sexy side to the aggressive, booty slapping, shoe bang style. They both fall under the exotic style but are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. If you take a whole session, you get to learn all the different ways to move based around that style. You may surprise yourself with what you enjoy. This applies to all of our dance classes!

Add To Your Skill Set
We also have a lot of classes this session that will teach you new skills such as our Low Flow Pole and Floor class or our Intermediate Spins/Combos/Flow. If you sign up for the whole session, you’ll learn a variety of new skills that you can work on to add to your freestyling, performances, etc.

Whether you want to work on your conditioning and flexibility, explore a style, or add new skills, signing up for a whole session can help keep you focused, get you out of your comfort zone and save you some money in the process. Happy training!

Sparkles & Stilettos,

Sarah Longpre