2019 - Your Year Ahead

I love this time of year. As the month draws to a close and our days in 2018 are numbered, it’s important to take a look back on the past year and assess. How was this year for you? I usually get a similar feeling at the end of August when summer comes to an end and it’s time to kick it into gear again.


Now the whole, “New Year! New Me'“ can be kind of annoying, but I also think it’s important to take a little life inventory to see what’s working for you and what’s not. If you go through your whole life passively, you’ll find years will pass by and you may find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be. Also, life can throw so many different things at you that goals you may have had 6 months ago are no longer realistic. Or perhaps you’ve changed your mind and what seemed to be something you want to do so badly, you kind of don’t anymore. That’s ok too! Taking time to intentionally think about things can help you add and let go of things on your list without the guilt factor.

Surprising to no one, I am quite goal oriented, and find I’m constantly assessing and reassessing. There are many many things I have wanted to do that I haven’t (you guys, I seriously wanted to do the Rainbow Marchenko when it first came out in like 2012… but if you know my back flexibility, this is absolutely hilarious!), but there are also many many things I have wanted to do that I did (muscle up! Woo!!). I’m extremely confident none of those things would have happened without a little bit of planning.

So what is your next year going to look like? Maybe you have no idea! We’re going to do a mini-blog series on different type of goal setting and how we can help get you there. So for now, take a few moments and either journal, go through photos, videos, etc. and see what made you feel good, what made you a little uncomfortable, and how you want to design next year.

Stilettos & Sparkles,


Sarah Longpre