Goal Setting - The How

We have determined why we want to take classes, what we want to do, now the question is how to we do it?!

If you want to focus on a new apparatus or the fundamentals, here is what we have for our January/February session:

If you want to focus on trying new styles or skills not in our fundamental curriculum, getting creative, expressing your emotions, you’ll want to look at our pole companion classes. These are the classes that compliment the foundation that you learn in our fundamentals class.

If pole isn’t your thing, but you’re excited about movement, dance, self-expression, feeling sensual, working on flexibility or creativity, we also have a variety of dance classes for you to consider.

Looking at our schedule, what are the first classes that pop out to you? Do they align with what your overall goals are? Remember, there is a fine balance between being goal oriented and having fun! If you are so focused on getting a certain trick that all your time, energy and emotions are going into that, you may be missing out on enjoying your experience and having fun.

Take a moment to put your plan into action. What first steps are you going to take to get to where you want to be or how you want to feel?

Stilettos and Sparkles,


Sarah Longpre