Goal Setting - The Reality

Now that we have a plan of what we’re hoping our experience will be, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Get Back On The Horse - There is a guaranteed chance that you will either lose focus, or may not have time to dedicate to what you want to do at certain points as the reality of life sets in. If you have an all or nothing thought process, you may feel that since the train temporarily went off the tracks, it needs to stay there. I truly believe that it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, you have to get back up on the horse and get back at it. And I think that’s what makes people successful. How many times will you get back focused, and do it again? You don’t have to beat yourself up, you are not a bad person for not sticking with it, and it doesn’t mean that the goal has to go away. Just get back at it. And you may feel like you are starting over many many times. It’s impossible to be ecstatic every time you put effort into it. However, staying consistent and being committed to the long haul despite how many times you fall is what’s important. Be resilient and stay focused that regardless of how many times things may not be working, you’ll always get back at it and try again.

  • Your Goals May Change- It’s ok if your goals change throughout the year. Maybe you start with a focus on dance classes but halfway through the year you fall in love with Cube. It’s ok to change your mind and put focus into that. You can’t plan for how you may or may not feel in July. Be flexible with your goals and just because you change your mind, doesn’t mean that you failed. It means you’re becoming more in tune with who you are and what you like.

  • You Are Not Your Goals - While goal setting is a great thing, remember that you are not your accomplishments. You are an awesome person whether you get to Intermediate 2 Hoop or not (or fill in the blank of whatever move or thing you want to do). I think having a focus can enhance your experience but it’s important to note that your worth is not based off of what you do.

  • Enjoy! - Dance, movement, and training can be very therapeutic. It’s a wonderful time for you to focus on you. If you have a busy schedule, look after many people/little people, have a demanding work schedule, etc., this should be a time for you to get in your body, and enjoy your time here. If you don’t get something when you hope but are happy most of the time when you take classes, that’s a serious win!

I wish you all the best in the New Year! Have a blast!!

Stilettos and Sparkles,


Sarah Longpre