We'd like to welcome you back from our mini summer break, or if you're new to our studio, we'd like to give you a warm welcome! 

The leaves are changing colors, the +40 weather is behind us, and we are all getting back into our fall routines.  Speaking of routines, we encourage you to check out our September/October schedule as classes are starting the week of September 17. 

If you've had a little bit of time off, or are new to SPDS, we'd like to offer a few suggestions to help guide you in your decision making process.  Before SPDS opened, I took a break from pole for a couple years and there was a bit of an adjustment period before I got back to where I left off.  If you have taken a couple weeks, months or years off (like I did!), I'll offer a few suggestions that worked for me.  If you are brand new with us, I'll give you a list of all the cool things you can try.  Stay tuned in our 'May We Suggest...' series that will be posted this week.




Sarah Longpre