In our May We Suggest series, we have been providing suggestions for classes based on your experience or time away from training. Today’s post is if you took a summer break (or more than a month away from your training).

When taking longer than a couple weeks off, it’s always best to go the conservative route when getting back into things. If you have taken Hoop or Pole, Fundamentals, we always suggest you repeat the last stage you took. This will get you back into the swing of things, will give you the opportunity to clean things up, recondition your skin and feel comfortable back on the apparatus. A great way to think about this is to use the class as more of a conditioning class than a class where you learn new things. Use discipline to enter and exit moves as perfectly as you can, hold poses for longer, and work on your artistry. All the extra strength and energy it takes to work on the little things will only benefit you tremendously in your next fundamental class. Here are a list of our Hoop and Pole Fundamentals:

Pre-Advanced/Advanced Aerial Hoop with Mel - Mondays at 6:45
Beginner Fundamentals 2 with Lori - Mondays at 8:15
Intermediate Hoop Fundamentals with Mel - Saturdays at 11:15
Beginner Hoop Fundamentals 1 with Lori - Sundays at 11:30

Pre-Advanced Fundamentals 1 with Sheri - Mondays at 5:30
Intermediate Fundamentals 2 with Megan - Tuesdays at 8:15
Beginner Fundamentals 1 with Susan - Wednesdays at 5:30
Beginner Fundamentals 2 with Shaunda - Wednesdays at 7:00
Advanced Pole with Brigitte - Wednesdays at 8:15
Pre-Advanced Fundamentals 2 with Lori - Thursdays at 5:30
Intermediate Fundamentals 1 with Susan - Thursdays at 8:15
Intermediate Fundamentals 1 with Brigitte - Saturdays at 10:30
Beginner Fundamentals 1 with Brigitte - Saturdays at 11:45

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If you want to try something different besides the fundamentals, we also have our Companion classes. These are classes that compliment your fundamental classes including choreography, artistry, conditioning, etc. Here are a few options for you:

Choreography 101 Putting Together Your Own Routine with Sarah - Tuesdays at 5:30
Pole Choreo with Megan - Tuesdays at 7:00
Pre-Advanced Combos with Lori - Thursdays at 7:00
Contemporary Pole Choreo with Brigitte/Sarah - Sundays at 11:45
Pole Technique and Training with Lori - Sundays at 1:00

Also, check out our ‘May We Suggest… Part 2 - Brand New’ for all your dance options!

To register for any of these classes, check out MindBody!

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Sarah Longpre