Studio Etiquette - 1. Clean Your Pole

If you’ve been around the studio lately, you may have seen our new Studio Etiquette poster that is hanging in the lobby and hall. These are some general rules or guidelines that you need to follow to help create a fun, safe and happy space for everyone.


The first guideline is to remember to Clean Your Pole. This also goes for any other equipment at the studio. Clean your mats, bender balls, or any other equipment you may use. This one is pretty obvious but can be quite easily missed. The obvious reason is that we want to clean the equipment for sanitary reasons.

We put a special note on cleaning your pole because it can be easily forgotten. We are all guilty of this from time to time; visiting after class can be distracting. Not only is leaving your pole grip on the pole gross, dirty poles can be really difficult to clean (especially iTac) if left overnight. If you have a difficult time getting your pole grip off, imagine how the next participant feels trying to clean it when they didn’t put it on there in the first place. If you are an intermediate or advanced poler, this means climbing as high as you climbed in class to get all the grip off.

If that hasn’t convinced you, maybe this will: I have always related not cleaning your pole, to going to the public washroom and no one has flushed before you… no one wants to deal with your shit. It’s the same for pole grip…. it’s not courteous to leave that for someone else.

To ensure a clean, sanitary, and happy experience for all participants, leave the equipment you used cleaner than when you first got it.

Stilettos & Sparkles,

Sarah Longpre