Studio Etiquette - 2. Arrive On Time

The second on our list of studio Etiquette is to Arrive On Time!


Being late for class sometimes can’t be helped. Maybe you got stuck at a train, you got held up after work, or something happened with the kids that set you back a few minutes. That’s ok; life happens. However, this note is for the participants that are chronically late for no apparent reason. Yes, I’m talking to you. Here are a few reasons why you don’t want to be late.

  1. First, it’s kind of rude, especially if you’re coming into the pole studio where the front door is literally at the front of the room. It’s an interruption to the instructor who may be giving announcements, a fellow poler who may be talking or asking questions, or interrupting the warm up. If you don’t think coming to class late is a big deal, please consider the interruption that you are making to the rest of the class.

  2. You may be missing important studio announcements or the plan for the class that day.

  3. You’re missing the warm up. A warm up is essential to getting your body ready for the class ahead. Missing a full warm up can increase your risk of getting injuries if you start training with cold muscles.

Again, there is a difference between randomly coming late once and constantly being late. If you’re always late for no reason other than poor time management, simply leave your house 10 minutes earlier. Problem solved!

Stilettos & Sparkles,

Sarah Longpre