Studio Etiquette - 3. Register Ahead For Class

Our third guidelines on our studio etiquette list is Register Ahead For Class.


As with our previous rule (arrive on time for class), we’re aware that there are always many exceptions to the rule. Sometimes your schedule changes last minute and you realize that you can come to class, decide to take a drop in class, or whatever the reason may be. There will always be exceptions and that’s ok. This is for those that generally register at the last minute. Here are a few reasons why we encourage you to register ahead of time:

  1. It ensures the class runs. Classes need a minimum amount of registrants to run the class. This is to ensure that costs are covered to run the class. If you want to take a class but don’t sign up for it until the last minute, the class may be cancelled before you do.

  2. It ensures your spot. Classes have limited space depending on equipment or room size. Signing up early will guarantee you won’t miss out on the class you want to take.

  3. Instructors tailor the class plan depending on who is registered. With our specialty classes, our instructors will check to see who is registered for the class and can tailor the class plan to those who are planning to come. This includes more scaling options whether harder or easier, modifications, different combos, etc. Registering early can also help you get the most out of classes because your instructors want to meet you at the level you’re at.

  4. Commitment It’s easier to stay on track with your goals if you register ahead of time. For the enrollment classes, book as early as you decide what you want to take (and when your budget allows). Then each week make it a plan to book your drop in classes every Sunday evening or Monday of each week to get your schedule planned out for the week. Making the early commitment will help keep you on track for your overall goals.

Stilettos & Sparkles,


Sarah Longpre