Studio Etiquette - 4. Do Not Overuse Grip

Do Not Overuse Grip is our fourth guidelines on our Studio Etiquette list and here’s why:


Do you feel you need to put on iTac on your legs and dry hands on your hands for even the most beginner spins? Our next guideline is to not overuse pole grip. As your pole skills increase, the use of a grip aid can be essential for performing certain pole moves, especially in a climate as varying and unpredictable as ours. However, there is a difference between using and abusing. Overusing grip can just turn into a bad habit. If you’re trying a new trick and you grip new parts of your body, you begin to think you need to grip everything all the time and you don’t.

Using too much pole grip can create a reliance on it, and slow the strength training process. For example, using too much dry hands or mighty grip instead of working on your grip strength. Whenever you apply your grip be conscious of how much you’re using and where you’re putting it. Using less grip will also mean less work keeping that pole clean (which we discussed in previous guidelines).

Stilettos and Sparkles,

Sarah Longpre