Studio Etiquette - 6. Do Not Try Tricks You Saw On The Internet


The next studio etiquette is do not try tricks you’ve seen on the internet!

Opens Instagram *Ohhhh!! That looks so awesome! And easy! I want to try it! How bad could it be?!’ The answer could be bad… very bad.

This is a mix of poking fun but also the real reality of pole and aerials. Moves are generally so much harder than they look. So so much harder. First, looking at tricks online is deceptive because that person is showing you their very best of that move. You don’t know how many hours they’ve put in, how many times they’ve filmed, what their experience level is, etc. When you’ve truly mastered a move, it should look like a piece of cake. It should make people feel like, “Oh, I can do that!’. When in reality, it’s a whole different story. If you are seeing the very best, it should look easy and doable especially when it’s not.

The second reason was briefly touched on but pole and aerials are so much harder than they look. That’s the name of the game. So something may look graceful and easy but may be (or probably is) extremely difficult. There may be a half a dozen progressions for that move before you see the end result that you may be missing because they didn’t post it. It’s really important to remember to respect the sport and all the progressions that come with it.

The last is safety! We touched on this already but if you attempt something that is out of your capabilities, it is an injury waiting to happen. It’s so important to be cautious to ensure that you’re safely training for years to come!

What if you see something online that you want to try? Talk with your instructors! We want to see you succeed and want you to enjoy your training. They will let you know if it’s within your capabilities and can add it to specialty curriculum classes to teach it to you safely and effectively. Or if you prefer, you can always book a private lesson.

Stilettos & Sparkles,


Sarah Longpre