New Policy - Late for Class

As we previously posted, SPDS is now Xpert certified for Pole Fitness Level 1 & 2. This means there will be a few small changes to our classes that you need to know about. Our first is our new late policy:

Effective immediately, students will no longer be permitted to participate in class if they are late and have missed the warm up.

This change is in place for safety reasons. Warming up is an essential part of class. It prepares the body for various training techniques. Not participating in the full warm up can increase the risk of injury substantially. If you are late and miss the warm up, there is an increased liability to yourself and the instructor as we can not be sure you warmed up effectively on your own.

What happens if you are late? You are still encouraged to stay for the class, take notes and observe. You will be able to see what is covered and be ready to participate the following week.

Happy & safe training!
- The SPDS Team

Sarah Longpre