Pole Theatre Canada 2019

Congratulations to the SPDS team for their performances this year at Pole Theatre Canada. On Friday, June 20, the team took the stage in Edmonton to tell our stories in this competition. Each of the semi-pro categories was represented by the SPDS team (comedy, art, drama and classique). And Kathryn dazzled in the Pro show on Saturday in the drama category.

A big thank you to all the SPDS friends and family that made the trip out to Edmonton to cheer on our competitors. Your support means the world!

A big congratulations goes out to instructor Sheri for her win in the Semi-Pro Drama category. A beautiful and moving performance. Well done Sheri!

Videos and photos will be posted as they come in. If you are interested in competing in the 2019/2020 year, let us know, we’d love to get you set up with the right competition and get you shining on the stage!

-SPDS Team

Sarah Longpre