Summer Lovin'

Summer is here! Summer is my favorite season. I love the hot weather, long days, and enjoying the great outdoors. Summer can mean many different things for your training. Check out our summer guide below!

Time Off


Summer is the season where many people take time off, go on holidays, take a step back and recharge. If you fall under this category, this may also mean taking a step back from your training. Or with your schedule you may focus more on drop in classes when it works for your schedule as opposed to your regular schedule of fundamental classes. If this resonates for you, here are a couple great things to keep in mind:

  • You’re taking a break! Good for you! Regardless of your training (dance, aerial, pole or fitness), taking a break is not only fantastic for your brain but your body too.

  • This can be a great time to explore different types of classes by popping into a variety of drop in classes when it works for your schedule. This can be a fantastic way to explore new styles of dance, fitness or just to keep moving.

  • Keep in mind - coming back, you won’t be where you were when you left off. While this seems obvious, sometimes we think that we can take several weeks off to just come back ready than ever. While our brain may be ready, our bodies may need a few weeks to catch up. If you are taking an extended period of time off this summer, we suggest repeating the last stage you took to get your body, skin and head back in the game before advancing to the next fundamental class.

  • Get inspired! Use your time off to get inspired in different ways. Explore different music or styles of movement on YouTube and Instagram, or research different ways to move to use as inspiration when you get back.

  • Or contrary to that, give your brain a rest by taking a few weeks off from thinking about everything so you come back rested and recharged.

Turn It Up

Summer can also be a time where people really amp up their training. If you are student and your schedule has slowed down, or other activities or work are slowing down for the summer, this may be the time of year to really increase your commitment and training before life gets busy again in the fall. If you fall under this category, here are a few things to think about:

  • Amp it up! If you have extra time, this may be an opportunity to increase your activity level registering in additional classes to get more training volume under your belt. We also suggest our annual membership where you can come in during practice times (or you can also pay a drop in rate of $10/hr for non members), to add to your training.

  • Building on amping up your training, this is a great time to try out new classes whether it’s registering for a new fundamentals class or trying various drop ins to add to creativity and an extra phsyical challenge. As always, Barre is a fantastic class to increase conditioning as well as our active flexibility class.

  • Keep in mind, with the heat and humidity of the summer, training may not always go according to plan. Always keep safety in mind, especially when it comes to your pole training if you’re having an extra sweaty day.

  • One more thing to keep in mind is a gradual progressive load to your volume and intensity of training as well as putting recovery at the top of your list. Too much too fast can lead to injuries and/or burnout so slowly adding in more each week is a smart strategy for long-term training.

Whether things are turning up or down for you over the summer, enjoy everything this beautiful season has to offer!


Sarah Longpre