Summer Training Reminders!


I hate to say it, but we are on the latter half of summer and fall is right around the corner. What better time for a refresher about summer training and schedule planning for the fall. Here are a few things to keep in mind for August training:

  • Climate - Training now opposed to February is very different when it comes to heat, humidity, body chemistry, etc. A friendly reminder to take extra care when training if it’s extra hot out, you’re more sweaty than normal, or if you have a sunburn. These changes to your skin can have a bigger impact than you may think. You may not feel it’s necessary to warm up as much as when it’s cold because you’re hot already or don’t want to get too sweaty - it’s imperative that you warm up the same all throughout the year to prevent injury. The heat may also make you feel more flexible than usual; take care when training that you don’t over stretch and strain your muscles.

  • Pole Grip Aids - Because it’s more humid, you may want to try different grip aids if you’re a pole dancer. I regularly change what I use throughout the year depending on the climate. Dewpoint can be a great grip aid to try for your body (not hands). We sell it here at the studio if you want to purchase some along with Dry Hands for sweaty hands.

  • Hydration - When it’s extra hot, sometimes we may not remember to hydrate as much as we should. This is not only a safety factor during training, it can all have an impact on your recovery.

  • Inconsistent Training - Fortunately, summer generally means vacation or downtime. If you have more than a couple weeks off from classes or practice, be cautious when coming back. Giving your body a rest is fantastic and necessary; however, that does not mean you will pick up on the same page you left off. Be patient with yourself as you come back and don’t push too hard too fast or you may get an unnecessary injury.

It’s important to be flexible with the change in seasons. It can have a bigger impact than we think. The more you can go with the flow of what the wonderful Saskatchewan weather has to offer, the more enjoyment you’ll have in the studio.

Happy training!

Sarah Longpre