SHERI Pole Instructor

I’m Sheri! I've always had a love for physical activity and creativity. I started pole dancing in 2011 after signing up with my twin sister on a whim, and I've been hooked ever since! I have nearly 6 years experience teaching Pole and have taught everyone from beginners to advanced participants.

I've had so many wonderful experiences since I started pole. I've met some of my best friends and trained under some of the industry's top athletes/artists. I started competing in 2017 and placed first in PSO's Southeast Championship L3, competed in Pole Theatre Canada Semi Pro Comedy 2018, competed in Pole Theatre Canada Classique 2019, and won the Pole Theatre Canada Semi Pro Drama title in 2019.

I love all things Pole, but my absolute favourite is combining the athleticism with story telling to create unique theatre based performances. Pole truly is a sport and an art!